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Kat Angela Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Find the latest information on Kat Angela's music and recent songwriting awards


Starting only 3 years ago and playing 3 chords on her guitar, Kathryn Turdak hails from Wyoming, Central Coast NSW and is now an Australian and International award-winning songwriter.

The last two years have seen Kat’s songs “Feel Alive” and “A Little Bit Right” reach the Top 30 in 2 categories in the Australian Songwriting Competition. Her song writing success also includes the UK and World Songwriting Awards reaching Semi-Finalist and Finalist placings respectively.


With music in the Contemporary/Pop and Spiritual categories, Kat’s influences include Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Missy Higgins. Starting later in life has not stopped her as she says: “I have nothing to lose!” Kat has everything to gain and is one to watch in the near future.

Kat Angela leaning against tree holding guitar
Kat Angela on Competition stage at Tamworth playing guitar
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