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Songwriting Achievements

Kat Angela with white cowboy hat and blue tie around neck and denim white top
Kat Angela is the performing name of Kathryn Turdak. As her songwriting success has grown, she has decided to share her main achievements.

Some competitions issue certificates, some notify by email and others post placings on their website. If the competitions post on their website, I will post a link if it is still available to the public.


Awards and Achievements 

World Songwriting Awards

Top 10 Finalist 

Best Pop Song

"Feel Alive"

Fall Quarter 2022

Awards and Achievements 2022

Australian Songwriting Competition 2021 Top 30 placing 2 categories announced 2022

Awards and Achievements 2021

Australian Songwriting Competition 2021 6 categories shortlist email notification.

UK Songwriting Contest 2021 Semi Finalist certificates

UK Songwriting Contest 2021 Commended 5 Stars Certificates

***** 5 Stars are the highest star rating.

Uk Songwriting Contest 2021 Commended 4 Stars Certificates

Awards and Achievements 2020

Fretfest 2020 Tamworth Singer/Songwriter Competition Finalist
Fretfest 2020 finalist certificate_edite

Australian Songwriting Competition 2020 2 categories email shortlist

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